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Etiquette and Basics

Etiquette-High School +
Presenter Basics

Education at the
Speed of Light
Instructor Testimonies

Videoconference Comfort
Student Assistance
Material Distribution
Student Feedback
Plan "B"
The Future
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Several content providers have agreed to show an example of their videoconference field trip or programs. Here you and your students have an opportunity to view a short visual samples. More video clips will be posted here as they become available. Please check back regularly. Other videos about videoconferencing will also be posted.

CoSI Columbus
(Center of Science and Industry)
  • Introduction

  • Gadget Works

  • Ask the Experts

  • Open heart and knee replacement surgeries

  • Autopsy

  • Closing / Information

More Content Providers
  • Liberty Science Center - Aquatic Ecosystem

  • Northeast Ohio Educational Service Agency - Journey Inward

  • Congressman Fred Upton - Speaks with students